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Angela Sandell, MD
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The SOPT monthly blog is one of our digital communication tools within the Section. We are a diverse group with many different interests, and we want to make sure we hear from everyone.

We welcome subject matter important to trainees – be it advocacy projects, wellness, mentorship, writing an abstract, or making a presentation as well as updates about deadlines and upcoming opportunities. We invite all contributions – articles, essays, cases, photographs and artwork. Click here for the submission form!

Among the staples each month, we 'shine the spotlight' on a district and its accomplishments over the preceding year. We also speak to a panel of fellows from across the country to learn about a different pediatric fellowship each month.

We invite you to suggest themes for monthly co-editorial opportunities. If there is a topic in pediatrics you are passionate about, the stage is yours to write or solicit articles, project reports or patient stories, and put together an edition to share with your community of trainees.

Visit our Section's collaboration site for the blog schedule, to see which district and which specialty we are referring to each month. Please contact Kriti Puri, MD, FAAP, the SOPT Executive Coordinator of Communications, with questions and feedback.

Monthly Feature

Welcome to the SOPT Monthly Feature in Pediatrics!

For the past several years, we have been honored to be a part of Pediatrics, which has provided us with dedicated space to feature manuscripts written by trainees. Our SOPT column joins three other stellar columns in the Monthly Features section: (1) Global Health; (2) the Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics (COMSEP); and (3) the Historical Archives Advisory Committee for the AAP.

The articles in our column explore the challenging complexities of contemporary medicine from the unique viewpoint of medical students, residents and fellows. As an editorial board, our goal is to work with authors to develop thoughtful, timely and well-polished articles that will appeal to a diverse audience ranging from medical students to well-seasoned practitioners. We believe this column provides a link of communication among all pediatricians, regardless of training level. We publish articles regularly throughout the year. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.
The editorial board for this column consists of Rachel Elkin, MD (Editor), TW Jones, MD (Deputy Editor), Catherine Spaulding, MD (Immediate-Past Editor), and Kriti Puri, MD (SOPT Executive Coordinator of Communications). Rachel is a pediatrics resident at Columbia University Medical Center. TW is a chief resident at the University of Arizona. Catherine is a resident in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Georgetown University Hospital. Kriti is a 3rd year fellow in pediatric cardiology at Texas Children's and is a member of the AAP SOPT Executive Board. Additionally, our editorial team is joined by Lydia Furman, MD, a general pediatrician from Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Furman is a member of the Pediatrics Executive Editorial Board and mentors the members of the SOPT editorial board.

Below are several examples of prior publications in the SOPT Monthly Feature that highlight the diversity of topics and styles frequently accepted by the Board:

  1. Schwarz K, Sisk B, Schreiber J, Malik F. A common thread: pediatric advocacy trainingPediatrics. 2015 Jan; 135(1): 7-9. PMID: 25535264
  2. MacDonell-Yilmaz RE. Learning to care at the endPediatrics. 2015 May; 135(5): 796-7. PMID: 25847796
  3. Stanski N, Patel A. Improving Trainee Education During Family-Centered Rounds: A Resident's PerspectivePediatrics. 2016 Jan; 137(1): 1-3. PMID: 26644487
  4. Shah A, Jerardi KE, Auger KA, Beck AF. Can Hospitalization Precipitate Toxic Stress?  Pediatrics. 2016 May; 137(5): 1-3. PMID: 27244828
  5. Schlosser KR, Creedon JK, Michelson JA, Michelson CD. Lessons From the 2013 Boston Marathon: Incorporating Residents Into Institutional Emergency Plans .Pediatrics. 2017 Jun; 139(6): e20170688. PMID: 28562290

We hope you will consider submitting your publication for review.  Please send any inquiries or questions here. We look forward to working with you!

Rachel Elkin, MD, MS
TW Jones, MD
Catherine Spaulding, MD 
Kriti Puri, MD, FAAP

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