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AAP Statement in Response to Mass Shooting in Las Vegas



by: Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAP,  

CEO/Executive Vice President, American Academy of Pediatrics and  

Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP, President, American Academy of Pediatrics 

"We are filled with grief and horror after the violent attack that took place at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. This mass shooting is staggering in the number of people killed and injured, and we mourn the victims of this massacre and grieve with their families.  

"We will learn more about this tragic event in Las Vegas as authorities continue their investigation, but we already know the irrevocable ways that gun violence destroys communities and families every day, and we must do more to prevent it.  

"As we offer condolences to those killed, injured and grieving, we also resolve to work harder to protect our communities. We can start by working to advance meaningful gun legislation that keeps children safe. State laws vary widely; in Nevada, firearms owners are not required to have licenses or register their weapons, or to pass a waiting period before purchasing a firearm. There is no limit on the number of firearms an individual may own. Assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines are legal.  

"The American Academy of Pediatrics advocates for strong state and federal gun laws that protect children in every state of the nation. Despite the fact that these types of events have become all too common in our daily lives, we must not grow complacent in our reaction to them, and instead renew our resolve to stop them from occurring again and again. 

"Finally, we know graphic images and descriptions of violence can be upsetting to children. Parents of young children are urged to avoid constant media coverage of the massacre. For guidance on talking to children about tragedies in the news, visit" 


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