Safe Sleep Campaign

Safe Sleep

AAP Campaign/Toolkits

The leading cause of death for infants 1 month to 1 year is Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUIDs). This includes sleep related deaths and SIDS. Many of us work to make safe infant sleep the norm. To help guide conversations about safe sleep with families, the American Academy of Pediatrics has developed a suite of materials including posters, infographics, videos and social media messages. Please download, share and post these materials. Link to in your posts.

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Communications Strategy

In creating materials to use with parents, we knew the way to make useful items that resonate would be to talk to parents themselves. Discover what we learned from parents and grandparents around safe sleep messaging here.

​​​S​ample Posts for Social Media​

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With a little practice, your baby can get into a sleep routine that helps them know when it’s time to get some zzz’s and helps you know that you have put them to bed safely. Learn more here.

More moms and grandmas are putting babies to sleep on their backs, not their tummies. Learn more ways to help baby sleep safely.

Learn the safest way to put your baby to sleep-every nap, every night.