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Vaccines are Safe. Vaccines are Effective. Vaccines Save Lives.
Below you will find helpful tools and resources on the importance and power of immunizations. We encourage you to use these tools to share messages with your networks.

During flu season, join AAP in urging everyone to be vaccinated against influenza. Immunization is the best way to protect children and families.

Suggested Hashtags:#Ivax2Protect, #VaccinesWork, #FightFlu

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Featured Article for Parents

» Which Flu Vaccine Should My Children Get This Year?
Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself, your children, and other loved ones from the flu!

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Help Your Family
Fight Flu!

How to Help Your Family
Fight Flu

Is it the Flu or Covid-19?

How to Avoid a ‘Twindemic’

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The flu is a very serious illness. And with #COVID19, it is even more important to protect your child from viruses like influenza. Read more on @AmerAcadPeds’ 2020-2021 recommendations here.

The flu and COVID-19 have similar symptoms, so it can be hard to tell them apart. #CallYourPediatrician if you have any questions or concerns for either.

Flu season is here. Everyone should get the flu vaccine each year to stay protected. It is the best way to #FightFlu! Here are other ways to keep your family healthy.