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Vaccines are Safe. Vaccines are Effective. Vaccines Save Lives.
Below you will find helpful tools and resources on the importance and power of immunizations. We encourage you to use these tools to share messages with your networks.

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Featured Article for Parents

Measles is wildly contagious. How worried should you be if your baby is too young for the vaccine? Learn more here.
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Dr. Shelly Flais explains how vaccines are important to protect all children from harmful diseases

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The American Academy of Pediatrics is taking a stand on the protection offered by vaccines. By vaccinating their children on time, parents can take control of their child’s health. #Ivax2Protect

Immunizing children and teens is the best way to keep them free from dangerous viruses and bacteria that are still circulating in the world. #Ivax2Protect

Learn more about the importance and power of vaccines! Visit for information on what vaccines are recommended to protect your child. #Ivax2Protect