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Oral Health Toolkit

Mother and father holding and smiling down at baby girl with hand in her mouth. Helping You Help Moms

Oral health during pregnancy and infancy is especially important to set little ones up for a lifetime of good health. Moms want to know how to keep themselves and their babies happy and healthy — that’s why they come to you for guidance. This toolkit makes it easier than ever to help connect moms to the oral health answers they need, providing healthy tips to patients and conversation tactics to providers like you.

How to Use

 1. Download

Scroll down to find links to download resources in English and Spanish.

 2. Print

Each download comes with a file ready to print from your office and one with bleed lines and crop marks for your local print shop — so where and how you print is up to you.

 3. Distribute

Post your newly-printed posters on your office lobby’s walls, hand out brochures to patients, tweet to local moms — or do all three!

Social Media Toolkit

Click here for a social media toolkit for partners reaching providers and mothers.


​Oral Hea​lth Toolkit Resources

These materials can be customized with your logo and displayed in health departments, clinics, prenatal classes, OB/GYN offices, or social media — just to name a few. They are designed to make your job – and your life – a bit easier, helping your patients better understand oral health and decisions around it. ​

Provider Toolkit

​​​​This toolkit has two waiting room posters, three infographics, and one brochure, which includes language you can use when answering patient questions about oral health. The brochure can also be used as a handout from providers to patients. 

Most states cover dental care under Medicaid during pregnancy. If your state is among them, you’ll find state-specific resources in the toolkit. If not, select “General” in the drop-down menu.

Sample posters and brochures from toolkit laying in a pile.

Complete Provider Toolkit

​Resources for ​Pregnant Women

Brochure with doctor checking pregnant woman’s stomach with a stethoscope on cover.

Questions Moms Ask About
Oral Health

Infographic with animated pregnant woman getting examined by a dentist.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pile of posters with toothbrush turned into a positive pregnancy test.

Now You're Brushing
For Two

Pile of infographics with cartoons of pregnant woman and babies.

Prenatal Oral Health

iPhone playing stilled video with a cartoon of a pregnant woman that reads "The Art of For-Two’ing."

Moms-to-be (47 sec)
Great for social sharing or waiting rooms

​Resources About ​Infant Oral Health For New Moms

Brochure with doctor checking pregnant woman’s stomach with a stethoscope on cover.

Questions Moms Ask About
Oral Health

Pile of posters with illustrated children at each stage of life from newborn to one year old.

Protect Tiny

Toothless baby smiling with mouth open and the words “Protect Tiny Teeth” above.

Baby Oral Health

iPhone playing stilled video of adorable toothless baby smiling with words "What is hiding in these photos?" next to him.

New Moms (47 sec)
Great for social sharing or waiting rooms

​Tweet It

Tweet to Providers

Talk to your pregnant moms about the importance of their oral health for themselves and their babies’ #tinyteeth

Tweet to Moms-to-be

Protect your baby’s #tinyteeth by taking care of your own. pic.twitter.com/E0qko0LHX7

Tweet to New Moms

Diapers – check, car seat – check, oral health - ??. Learn how to protect your baby’s #tinyteeth to give him a lifetime of good oral health. pic.twitter.com/p05YWQS4ff

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