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American Academy of Pediatrics Calls for Safe, Effective Electronic Health Record Systems


The American Academy of Pediatrics calls for improving electronic health record technologies to enhance communication between patients and medical teams in a policy statement published in the July 2019 issue of Pediatrics. In the statement, “Electronic Communication of the Health Record and Information With Pediatric Patients and Their Guardians,” published online June 17, the AAP recognizes the potential of electronic health records and identifies gaps that need to be addressed. According to the AAP, pediatric patients are less likely than adults to have electronic access and the ability to exchange health data. In the statement, the AAP recommends aligning legislation, legal requirements, technology functionality and clinical workflow to improve the effectiveness of electronic records. The AAP recommends that health care teams, policy makers and technology vendors collaborate to create secure systems that safeguard patients’ privacy while providing patients with access their health information under the law. Sharing health information is part of teaching and empowering children and their guardians to assume responsibility for managing their health.


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