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AAP Statement in Support of Transgender Children, Adolescents and Young Adults


by: Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP, President, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Karen Remley, MD, MBA, MPH, FAAP, CEO/Executive Vice President, American Academy of Pediatrics

"The American Academy of Pediatrics stands in support of transgender children and adults, and condemns attempts to stigmatize or marginalize them. We believe transgender individuals are not a "disruption." They are members of our families, our communities, and our work force. 

"As pediatricians, we know that transgender children fare much better when they feel supported by their family, school and larger community. Shaming children based on their gender identity or expression is harmful to their social-emotional health and may have lifelong consequences. This includes public discourse that de-legitimizes the contributions that transgender individuals make to society.

"The AAP supports policies that are gender-affirming for children – an approach that is supported by other key professional organizations. In 2016, the AAP joined with other organizations to produce the document, "Supporting & Caring for Transgender Children," a guide for community members and allies to ensure that transgender young people are affirmed, respected, and able to thrive.

"We urge all the leaders in our communities to use language that inspires and empowers children, adolescents and young adults. Our nation's future success depends on them."


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