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Twitter is a real-time network that allows people to exchange information in short bursts. Twitter has more than 300 million monthly active users, and more than 500 million tweets are sent every day.

  • Post often. Since Twitter is a real-time platform, posting often is appropriate and encouraged. For optimal engagement, aim to post at least three times per day. Consider posting the same content more than once with different framing and at different times of day, so you reach different followers.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation. Although tweets have a 140-character limit, use correct grammar and punctuation. Use abbreviations sparingly. This will help maintain the credibility of your account.
  • Aim to engage. While Twitter allows for quick distribution of information, successful accounts facilitate conversations, interact with their followers, and personalize messages to build a sense of community. For example, retweet a partner to help drive traffic to their content, like a tweet from a pediatrician who offers insight on child health policy, or thank someone for sharing your content. While your account may represent your practice or you as a professional, people enjoy connecting with other individuals on social media. Considering this, you might explore infusing your posts with personal reflections or anecdotes, or using a lighter tone. Upon login, Twitter now shows users posts they may care about most and a summary of the most interesting tweets from their network, underscoring the importance of posting engaging content that will resonate with your followers.
  • Add images and videos to tweets. According to Twitter, photos produce a 35 percent boost in retweets, while videos lead to a 28 percent bump. When possible, add high-quality photos or videos to your posts to help your message travel farther. In-stream photos on Twitter should be 880px X 440px (2:1 ratio).
  • Use Twitter's list function. Organizing accounts into lists makes it easier to follow conversations happening in your communities. Consider building a list of key organizations that share facts about vaccines, other pediatricians who tweet about your priority topics, or influencers in your area of expertise. Get started with these instructions from Twitter.
  • Strategically use hashtags. Adding hashtags to your messages will help you participate in relevant conversations and reach audiences who might not otherwise follow you. Use no more than two hashtags per message, since engagement begins to drop otherwise. Symplur provides a helpful list of health care hashtags that you can consider tracking or adding to your messages.

Popular AAP hashtags include:

  • #putkids1st,
  • #everychildneeds,
  • #tweetiatrician,
  • #tweetiatricians,
  • #research4kids and
  • #FACEpoverty.

Popular vaccine hashtags include:

  • #WhyIVax,
  • #VaccinesWork,
  • #GetAFluVax and
  • #FluVax.

Generic hashtags like #child and #health tend not to be as useful since their broad reach does not harness communities interested in the more specific topics or ideas that unique hashtags reflect.

  • Engage with AAP's #tweetiatrician network. Twitter has helped AAP monitor trends in the pediatric industry and connect with health care professionals, influencers and partner organizations. AAP has built a network of pediatricians who are on Twitter, known as #tweetiatricians, who regularly interact with AAP and each other. Consider following the list and joining in AAP-run Twitter chats or events to boost awareness of your account.


How to use Twitter's "Tweet Activity Dashboard"

Twitter's "Tweet Activity Dashboard" allows you to monitor how people engage with your tweets and access information about your followers.

​To access the dashboard, Twitter first requires you to activate analytics for your account by logging in to with your Twitter username and password. Once activated, you can access your dashboard by navigating to at any time. 

To view metrics for your tweets, click on the "Tweets" tab at the top of your dashboard. ​

To view insights about your Twitter followers, click on the "Audiences" tab at the top of your dashboard.​


For more information and guidance on how to use Twitter's "Tweet activity dashboard," please visit Twitter's "Tweet activity dashboard" webpage.

Additional resources from Twitter: