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Friends of Children ​Annual Fund

30 Years! Let's celebrate the Friends of Children Fund (1989-2019). 

Thirty years of donor impact equals hundreds of programs funded through the years and over 12 million dollars supporting the best possible care for children.​​​ Thank you for keeping kids first! 

We are deeply grateful to individual members and friends for the support of programs and activities that impact the health of children and add significant value to the pediatric profession.

Gifts to F​​riends of Children have Imp​​​act
Your gifts to the Friends of Children Annual Fund support vital Academy efforts meeting the needs of children through education, research, community service, and advocacy programs.

Madeline Joseph, MD, FAAP, FACEP 
Past President, Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

One of the most memorable days of my professional career was on Tuesday February 28, 2017. On that day, AAP Chapters Leaders from all over the USA and territories flew in to Washington DC to have one voice! Protect the healthcare of children.

This was no ordinary day! I was so proud to be among the group that was fighting for preserving and improving the healthcare for children. It was amazing to see my colleagues rushing in or out of senators’ offices with so much passion laying down state specific facts about what is at stake for children healthcare if Medicaid was lost in that state. 

The event hit a chord in my soul to see everyone come together to protect our children’s health and wellbeing now and for generations to come. Many thanks to AAP Friends of Children Fund for supporting such a memorable and impactful event and for the AAP Washington DC office staff for their incredible organization and support of this historical event!

Carmelita Britton, MD, FAAP
I initially gave to the AAP because it was expected and my mentor supported the culture of contributing. Now, I continue to give for several reasons. My own cultural belief is that one should monetarily support those entities that bring pleasure to us, enrich our lives, sustain nature, and contribute to a healthy society. The wellness of our world’s children is critical to all of the above. I also believe that AAP resources are critical to the wellness of our children.

Carolyn Lytle, MD, FAAP
I started giving to the Friends of Children Fund when I realized the tremendous impact the AAP has on children from all walks of life from advocacy to local chapter support.  I can personally touch the lives of children in my state through local ballot measures and by providing care in my practice but a larger, more global effort is needed. The Friends of Children Fund is a great way for me to help ensure that this important work is sustained.

Bryan Mih, MD FAAP
I really appreciate how the Friends of Children Fund helps support valuable programs that have had a direct impact on my work.  

When I was starting out in tobacco control, I participated in AAP focus groups on e-cigarettes, and these were funded by FCF. In discussions with pediatricians, health professionals, school staff, and families, I have often referred to the resources created by the AAP Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence, which also receives FCF funds. 

I now get frequent questions about youth and vaping from the community and am very grateful for the information and training that I received from the Richmond Center. It really helps make us more effective and informed pediatricians and public health advocates!

Donations to the Friends of Children Fund helped launch AAP education about e-cigarettes. 

The rising use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices among youth is the biggest topic that the Richmond Center is addressing. 

With donations to Friends of Children, important steps were funded to launch this work. With funding, AAP staff facilitated eight focus groups at NCE. They gathered AAP members from all over the country, in order to gain insight about about e-cigs. They were asked: “What are you seeing?” “What do you know?” 

In 2015, a paper was published as a first look at what Pediatricians think about e-cigarettes and what the profession needs to know. Education, fact sheets and two policies were created. The first policy was released in 2015, then a new one in February 2019. From this work emerged a support system for pediatricians and in turn, this provides critical education and support for parents and children regarding the use of e-cigarettes. This work has further informed guidance on

Richmond Center resources on e-cigarettes.

Lanre Falusi, MD, FAAP Lanre Falusi, MD, FAAP

Lanre Falusi, MD, FAAP is a practicing general peds physician, currently with the Children’s National Health System. She’s been a donor to the AAP for 10 years and in her own words, she shares why:

“Giving to the Friends of Children Fund is so rewarding to me because I actually get to see the results of my giving – every day. In recent years, FCF funded two grants that helped our local chapter train healthcare professionals, educators, and mental health experts to address the medical, social, and legal needs of immigrant children. This funding has allowed us to grow a community of stakeholders dedicated to the care of this vulnerable population. My giving to FCF started when I was a resident, giving a little at a time, and donating more over time. Every donation counts!”

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