For Our Future Campaign
Campaign Progress

We work for every child's future​

​We are creating a home for the future of children's health—a new headquarters that supports our efforts to achieve greater impact and advance the health and well-being of children everywhere. The AAP For Our Future Campaign is our most ambitious fundraising effort to date. This campaign represents a landmark investment in the future of our profession, our organization, and all the children we impact—and it will only be possible with your support.​​

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Top Fundraising Groups

​As of February 16​, 2018

Top Dollars Raised

1. AAP Senior Staff - $186,870
2. Section on Administration and Practice Management - $145,040
3. District IX - $122,183
4. District II - $118,235
​​5. Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Pediatrics - $​94,98​0

Groups with 100% Participation

AAP Senior Staff​​
Board of Directors
Committee on Development
SOAPM Executive Committee
SONPM Executive Committee
SOEC Executive Committee​