Naming Opportunities

Campaign Naming Oppo​rtunities

The Academy offers naming opportunities for a charitable gift of $50,000 or more. See below for details. To learn more about these opportunities or to discuss your interest, please contact Donor Relations at or call 888-700-5378.​

​Sp​ace​​​​Opportunity​Number Available​Cost to N​ame
​Conference Center​Conference Center​1​$1,000,000
​Conference Center​Conference Center 1st Floor​1​​$500,000
​Conference Center​Conference Center 2nd Floor​1​$500,000
​Conference Center​Conference Center Staircase​1​$250,000
​Conference Center​Member Lounge​1​$250,000
​Conference Center​Nursing Mothers Lounge​1​$250,000
​Conference Center​Large conference rooms​3​$100,000
​Conference Center​Multi-purpose rooms​2$250,000​
​Conference Center​Library Archives​1​$100,000
​Conference Center​Small conference rooms4​$50,000
​Conference Center​Presidential Tribute Display​1​$100,000
​1st Floor​Atrium​1​$1,000,000
​1st Floor​Atrium LED Display​1$200,000​
​1st FloorCafe​1​$250,000
​1st Floor​Fitness Center​1​$50,000
​2nd Floor​Bridge​1​$500,000
​2nd Floor​Executive Administration​1​$250,000
​2nd FloorExecutive Committee Office​1​$50,000
​2nd Floor​Media Room​1$50,000​
​2nd Floor​Focus Group and Observation Room​1​$50,000
​2nd FloorSmall ​Conference Rooms2​$50,000
​3rd-5th Floor​Life Support Simulation Space​1$50,000
​3rd-5th Floor​Small Conference Rooms​13​$50,000
​3rd-5th Floor​Large Conference Rooms​7​$100,000
​3rd-5th Floor​Staff IT Lab​1​$50,000
​All Floors ​1st-5th Floor Honorarium Display​5​$50,000
​Outdoor​Outside Terrace​1​$250,000
​Outdoor Space​Main AAP Driveway​1​$1,000,000
​​Outdoor Space​Parking Lot Walkway​​4​$50,000

*Donors giving $10,000 or more will be recognized on a donor recognition wall or board in the atrium.