SOAPM Donor Story

The First Section

It started last year, when the Section on Administration and Practice Management’s (SOAPM) Executive Committee, heard a presentation on the For Our Future campaign, the Academy’s first major philanthropic campaign in 34 years. The presentation invited the committee to consider a personal contribution to the campaign and help the Academy promote our call to action to be a part of this special time in Academy history. After a quick deliberation, the executive committee agreed to help.

But this wasn’t the first time this group was involved in philanthropy at AAP. For the past several years, SOAPM has prioritized giving back to the Academy as an essential part of their operation. The SOAPM executive committee makes their social reception/party at NCE a Friends of Children Fund fundraiser and they have raised approximately $20,000 for the Academy’s annual fund since 2013. Harnessing their passion for the AAP and all things SOAPM, the group responded immediately to this new philanthropic priority.

“Our section is a very engaged group that benefits from the Academy’s support in many ways. For us, it wasn’t difficult to get on board with the campaign to fundraise for the new headquarters.” said Section Chair, Christoph Diasio, MD, FAAP. Their grassroots efforts helped raise nearly $150,000 for the campaign and subsequently created a model for other sections, committees, councils, districts and chapters to follow suit. Since their original launch, over 30 AAP groups have adopted this model and have raised nearly $1.6 million using this strategy.

“This group continues to lead with philanthropy in mind. They see giving back as an AAP member value and we were excited to be a part of this.” Dr. Diasio said. To raise the $150,000 in donations, several SOAPM executive committee members including, Christoph Diasio, MD, FAAP, Jeanne Marconi, MD, FAAP, Suzanne Berman, MD, FAAP, Kathleen Cain, MD, FAAP, Gail Schonfeld, MD, FAAP, Jess Hackell, MD, FAAP and volunteer, Bill Zurhellen, MD, FAAP, dug deep, and made personal stretch commitments and utilized other creative tactics. They led by example and even launched an online auction with SOAPM specific items. A practice visit with AAP President, Dr. Kraft, and several other SOAPM themed specialties were among the items offered.

We’re incredibly grateful for SOAPM’s leadership, creativity, and personal generosity as they became the first section to participate as a group in our campaign. To learn more about the For Our Future campaign, contact Courtney Shupryt at 630/626-6740.

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