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​Resources for Com​​munity Health and Ad​vocacy Curriculum Development

Community Health and Advocacy Milestones Profile (CHAMP)​
This peer-reviewed tool allows users to map community health and advocacy curricula to competencies and milestones. By doing so, program leaders can identify strengths and weaknesses in their training programs and demonstrate the value of their curricula in terms of assessment of competence towards the milestones.​

Project Planning Tool ​
This tool engages residents in a guided learning activity to gain the skills necessary to plan, implement and evaluate a child health advocacy project.

Advocacy Training Modules
A series of 5 stand-alone, 45-minute sessions covering critical legislative advocacy topics, including the legislative process, working in partnerships, and advocacy communication. Each module contains a trainer's guide, PowerPoint presentation, suggested activities and handouts.  

From Our Partners: APA U.S. Child Poverty Curriculum​​

A series of 4 stand-alone modules developed by the Academic Pediatric Association to promote understanding of the impact of poverty and other social determinants of health on child well-being. Modules focus on the epidemiology of child poverty, social determinants of health, the biomedical influences of poverty and advocacy. 

Resources fo​​r L​​earners​

Advocacy Guide
This tool will provide tips, tools, and real life examples to help pediatricians create positive and lasting change on behalf of children's health.

Medical Home Modules for Pediatric Residency Education
A series of five educational modules on medical home principles for pediatric residency programs. Designed to be incorporated into an existing curriculum, these modules will help residents understand such principles as care coordination, transition to adult care and team-based care. 


A Multi-Institutional Medical Educational Collaborative: Advocacy Training in California Pediatric Residency Programs​​

Pediatrics ​Community Pe​diatrics Supplement
This supplement contains a collection of articles about training and practice in community pediatrics that offer specific examples of clinical practice and research.

Other AAP​​ Res​ources

National Center for Medical Home Implementation

Section on Early Career Physicians

Section on Pediatric Trainees