AAP Policy and Publications

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AAP Policy and Publications


Adjustment and Coping

General Preparedness

Hospitals/Emergency Care

  • Care of Children in the Emergency Department: Guidelines for Preparedness – This policy statement provides recommendations on caring for children in the emergency department and details on how hospitals can have the appropriate equipment, staff, and policies to provide quality care for children, especially those with special needs or life-threatening emergencies. (2009)
  • Disaster Preparedness in Neonatal Intensive Care Units - This clinical report briefly reviews disasters that have affected neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in the US and examines how organizing concepts of mass critical care in pediatrics can be applied to the NICU, including the role of regionalized perinatal systems; disaster-based drills; and training, equipment, medication, and personnel needs. (2017)
  • Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department – A checklist to determine whether an emergency department is prepared to care for children. (2009)

Influenza and Infectious Diseases

Natural Disasters


  • Disaster Planning for Schools – Policy statement on disaster preparedness in schools as part of a global, community-wide preparedness plan. (2008)
  • Medical Emergencies Occurring at School – Policy statement to increase pediatrician awareness of school roles in preparing for individual student emergencies and provides recommendations for supporting school personnel. (2008)

Terrorism and Agents

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