AAP Update

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AAP Update

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) disaster preparedness information follows.

AAP Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council
The AAP Board of Directors identified "disaster preparedness" as a strategic health priority in 2006 and established a Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council (DPAC) in May 2007. The DPAC meets on a bi-annual basis and provides guidance and oversight to AAP leaders on disaster preparedness and response.

Advocacy and Policy
The AAP is deeply involved in efforts to ensure that children's needs are incorporated into disaster preparedness and response efforts at all levels of government. See the Advocacy and Related Efforts page for more information.

Contact Network
The AAP has established a Disaster Preparedness Contact Network. To learn more or view recent newsletter, see the Contact Network page.

Enhancing Pediatric Partnerships to Promote Pandemic Preparedness
As follow-up to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the AAP and CDC convened a collaborative meeting in 2011 to discuss state-level pediatric preparedness. The meeting, "Enhancing Pediatric Partnerships to Promote Pandemic Preparedness", included state teams with a blend of pediatric and public health leaders. The AAP is in the process of developing a resource kit to support all Chapters and public health leaders in improving pediatric preparedness.

Pediatric Countermeasures
The AAP is developing a pediatric countermeasures agenda, including a list of pediatric countermeasures. See testimony by AAP members.

Pediatric Office Preparedness
The DPAC has created a compilation of resources to help pediatric office practices develop a written disaster preparedness plan or engage in other community planning efforts. For more information, see the Pediatric Practice page or access the Disaster Preparedness for Pediatric Practices online planning tool.

Below are publications written by DPAC members or other AAP leaders.

State AAP Chapters
Disasters are managed locally, and the AAP has compiled information and strategies for pediatricians and pediatric leaders. For information on state-specific initiatives, refer to the State Initiatives and AAP Chapter Contacts for Disaster Preparedness pages.

For more information, e-mail DisasterReady@aap.org or call 847/434-7132.
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