Financial Crisis

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Financial Crisis

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages pediatricians, families, and communities to work together to ensure that children’s basic needs are met. This is crucial during challenging economic times. It is clear that the current situation is having a major impact on adults throughout the United States and abroad. The effect that it may have on children and adolescents is less obvious, but it is something that parents and pediatricians can address.Tips for Parents and Other Caregivers
Raising a family and taking care of children is challenging when there are tough economic conditions. Talking to children about the economy can help them develop strategies for coping with the current financial situation and everyday life. The AAP offers suggestions for parents and others who care for children.

Guidance for Pediatricians
Unpredictable economic conditions pose unique challenges for pediatricians as they consider the impact that the financial situation might have for their business and the families that they serve. The AAP offers strategies to help pediatricians with practice management issues and ways to support families.

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