Hurricane Response and Recovery

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Hurricane Response and Recovery


​The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) continues to work with AAP chapters, federal disaster response and recovery agencies, and non-governmental organizations to ensure that children's needs are taken care of in a strategic manner during the long-term recovery period after the 2017 hurricanes.

Key Partners

  • ASPR – Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
  • CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and it's Children's Preparedness Unit
  • DHS – US Department of Homeland Security
  • FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • HHS – US Department of Health and Human Services

Soon after the hurricanes, the AAP leadership appointed a work group to oversee hurricane recovery efforts in collaboration with the AAP Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council. The AAP contacted various AAP chapters. Critical needs were identified and addressed as feasible:

There are several health issues that pediatricians can expect to manage after hurricanes or floods.

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For Those Interested in Traveling to Puerto Rico

The AAP does not send teams to disaster-impacted areas or endorse/approve any particular means of traveling to or volunteering in Puerto Rico or other disaster-impacted areas, yet the organization hopes to continue to keep its members informed of relevant opportunities. The security and safety of members continues to be a high priority, and members are urged to educate themselves about the reality of travel details, security issues, liability insurance, living conditions, and other details regarding the provision of medical care in austere conditions. It is important that health care professionals carry copies of licenses and board certifications when traveling, as well as become knowledgeable about documentation needed when taking medicines into a foreign country.
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