State Initiatives Region: IX

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State Initiatives Region: IX

Chapter Contact: Toni Gross, MD, MPH
Most disaster preparedness efforts in California appear to be organized by county. The AAP California Chapters are considering a District approach to disaster preparedness efforts.
California Chapter 1
Chapter Contact: James Betts, MD, FAAP
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California Chapter 2
Chapter Contact: Millicent Wilson, MD

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California Chapter 3
Chapter Contact: Dean E. Sidelinger, MD, MSEd, FAAP

California Chapter 3 is reviewing relevant disaster preparedness plans. For San Diego, there is an all-hazards, all-citizens approach. There is not a pediatric-specific disaster plan, although children are supposed to be incorporated throughout.
California Chapter 4
Chapter Contact: Sudeep Kukreja, MD, FAAP

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Chapter Contact: Peter Di Rocco, MD, FAAP

The AAP Hawaii Chapter was represented at state-level disaster preparedness meetings. Specific directives were not clarified, but strategies/tools to be implemented in the event of a pandemic influenza were identified. These strategies include rapid isolation of geographic outbreak areas, use of mobile hospital units, and community-wide immunization clinics.
The Chapter consults and collaborates with the Hawaii Department of Health as needed. This year, the organizations planned the first widespread seasonal influenza immunization campaign in Hawaii elementary schools.
The Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children (which is the only dedicated pediatric subspecialty medical center) will serve as the hub for any needed pediatric emergency mobilization and care for the children of Hawaii. The state government, civil defense, local military units, department of health, and the local medical care team has been involved in this collaborative effort to prepare Hawaii for the unthinkable. Work has also been done to stockpile medications, air purification masks, and mobile hospital units in secure military guarded storage areas on the island of Oahu.
Chapter Contact: Jay Fisher, MD, FAAP

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