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​Transitioning ​to Adult Care

​​Health care transition is the process of transitioning a patient from the pediatric care model to an adult care model. CYE transitioning to adult care may be challenged by access to care so pediatric and adult providers must be able to bridge the gap and work in conjunction with other health care professionals to insure effective and efficient care delivery. 

The American Epilepsy Society recommends children begin their transition plan from pediatric care to adult care at around ages 10 to 13. The end goal of transitioning is to empower the adult epilepsy patient to self-manage their:

  • Medical care

  • Prescriptions 

  • Mental health issues or cognitive/intellectual difficulties 

  • ​Diet 

As each CYE patient has distinctive health issues, numerous barriers will need to be addressed during the transition by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to care. ​

For more information and resources about transitions, download our Epilepsy Compendium

References for this page can be found here​. ​

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