Families and Caregivers

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Families and Caregivers Resources​

 The following handouts may be printed and provided to patients in your practice. Please note that these handouts were not necessarily developed by the AAP, but were identified as good resources for parents and caregivers by the EBCD Leadership Workgroup.​

Science in Seconds Videos (from the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative): These brief videos provide easy to understand information for families and caregivers

Early Brain Development: This Science in Seconds video examines sensitive periods in early brain development and the impact of childhood attachments on long-term health.

Epigenetics: This Science in Seconds video explores how experience and genetic predisposition affect children’s brain foundations and lifelong behavior.

Children’s Mental Health: This Science in Seconds video illustrates how early distress disrupts children’s brain architecture and their ability to regulate stress.

Early Education: The Ounce provides videos of early education teaching moments.

More Resources for Families and Caregivers
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