Health and Safety Resources

Health and Safety Resources

  1. Immunization Schedules   
    The 2018 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization schedules for different ages are listed here.

  2. Lead and Our Children: The Role of Early Care and Education Programs 
    This webinar explains the importance of screening and testing children exposed to lead, how to prevent children's lead exposure to lead both at home and in the program as well as screening and prevention strategies for programs.

  3. Car Seat Safety
    This guide provides instructions for the proper installation of car seats.

  4. Active Supervision 
    This tip sheet discusses active supervision, the most effective strategy for creating a safe environment and preventing injuries in young children.

  5. Cold Weather Safety
    This page provides programs and parents tips on how to keep children safe, healthy, and warm in the winter.

  6. Health Issues
    This page offers a list of common conditions children can experience. 

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