The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Children’s Oral Health effort offers advocacy resources to promote oral care in primary pediatric care professional practices and, to educate policy makers and payers about the importance of payment for pediatric oral health care and, and to advocate for the community water fluoridation.


Preventive Oral Health Services
Learn which states the AAP and state AAP chapters are focusing on to promote policy changes. For those states that have already enacted these changes, find out payment details, including rates and codes.


Community Water Fluoridation
The AAP administers and is a partner in the Campaign For Dental Health​, a network of national, state and local children’s oral health advocates, health professionals, and scientists.​The Campaign supports water fluoridation as a safe, cost-effective method of preventing tooth decay and provides reliable information for use by consumers and advocates.

Policy Statements
AAP oral health experts publish and participate in the review of AAP policies regarding children's health. Find brief overviews and links to policy statements related to​ children's oral health.

Chapter Oral Health Advocates
Chapter Oral Health Advocates (COHAs) work within their Chapter and community to support and promote pediatric oral health.  View our state map to find out who your COHA is and other state specific information.

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Oral Health Advocacy Toolkit
Access this easy to use advocacy toolkit to promote children's oral health at the local, state, and federal level.​​


Public and Private Payer Advocacy
This link provides information, resources, and sample letters of appeals to assist pediatricians with public and private payer related issues.

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