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Brush, Book, Bed


Brush, Book, Bed is an AAP Program with a simple and clear message for parents:

Each night:

  1. Help your children to brush their teeth
  2. Read a favorite book (or two!)
  3. Get to bed at a regular time each night.

​The Brush, Book, Bed message and program are intended for children 6 months – 6 years. The program aims to improve oral health services in the medical home by linking oral health information with messages about early literacy, sleep, and establishing a regular nighttime routine.

The Brush, Book, Bed Implementation Guide was produced based on the experiences of pediatric and family medicine practices when they piloted the program in 2014/2015. The guide is full of resources and tools on oral health, early literacy, and sleep for pediatricians, dentists, and other health care providers to help implement the Brush, Book, Bed program at your practice. These resources include patient and provider education, talking points with families, information for obtaining supplies, dental referral guides, and oral health coding services.

Steps to Implementation

  1. Get buy-in from your practice and co-workers.
  2. Identify a Brush, Book, Bed Champion who will coordinate the program, and inspire the staff.
  3. Get training for staff on oral health, early literacy, and sleep. This includes coding/billing information and where to order dental supplies.
  4. Obtain supplies and set up the practice for easy implementation. This may take a few PDSA cycles to find out what works best in your particular office.
  5. Reach out to dental referral sources and establish relationships/make them aware of your efforts around Brush, Book, Bed.
  6. Consider if you will need to receive donations of books, tooth brushes, etc. It may be possible to partner with a community organization, dentist, or to host a book drive to reach your goals.
  7. Develop a sustainability plan and/or evaluation plan using the survey tool included in the appendix or some other assessment.
  8. Make small goals (such as varnishing 25% of your patients under age 3) and celebrate when they are achieved. 

Sample Clinical Workflow for a Brush, Book, Bed Program​​

Additional Brush, Book, Bed Resources ​​

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