Oral Health


The ​American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) works to improve children's oral health through communication and collaboration betwee​n the medical and dental homes, and to make pediatricians and other health professionals an essential part of the ​​​oral health team.

​Thro​ugh the Section on ​Oral Health and Chapter Oral Health Advocates​, the AAP provides education, training, and advocacy for pediatricians, dentists, other health professionals, and families.​

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  • Featured Resource – Oral Health Toolkit

    Featured Resource – Oral Health Toolkit

    To celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month 2019, the AAP is promoting its new Oral Health Toolkit to help providers talk to pregnant patients about oral health. Help promote the kit by using the hashtag #tinyteeth. 

    View here
  • Oral Health and Children

    Oral Health and Children

    Good oral h​ealth is an important part of childhood. Get information on oral health through the ages at Healthychil​dren.org​

  • Oral Health Risk Assessment Tool

    Oral Health Risk Assessment Tool

    ​The AAP/Bright Futu​​​res Oral H​ealth Risk Assessment Tool will help you to identify risk and protective factors related to tooth decay and to take action.