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​​ACL Resources​​​​

​​The number of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries reported in athletes younger than 18 years has increased over the past 2 decades. Reasons for the increasing ACL injury rate include the growing number of children and adolescents participating in organized sports, intensive sports training at an earlier age, and greater rate of diagnosis because of increased awareness and greater use of advanced medical imaging. The Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness (COSMF) developed this list of resources that will assist in conducting examination tests, prevention of ACL tears and ACL Injury Awareness.

ACL injuries - Information on ACL injuries on the AAP's website.

Preventing ACL Injuries in Young Athletes Video - This video provides an overview to preventing ACL injuries in young athletes and is a companion to the AAP clinical report, "Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention," published in the May 2014 issue of Pediatrics.​

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​​Preventing ACL Injuries in Young Athletes Video (Extended Interview) - Pediatric sports medicine physician Cynthia LaBella, MD, FAAP, provides information for clinicians on treating and preventing ACL tears in young athletes. Dr LaBella is the lead author of the AAP clinical report, "Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention".

Expert Sports Medicine Care in Support of Young Athletes - Pediatric sports medicine program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Knee Injury Prevention Program (KIPP) for Coaches ​- Instructional PowerPoint, along with videos demonstrating each of the exercises is available online for free.

Lachman Test and Anatomy of the Knee - Shane Miller, MD, FAAP, a member of the AAP Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness, demonstrates how to correctly do the Lachman Test and provides an overview of the knee anatomy.

P4 ACL Injury Prevention Program - This six week, one-on-one program is $395 per person. It is available in and around Columbus, OH.

Sportsmetrics: Warm-up for Injury Prevention and Performance (WIPP) - The Sportsmetrics™ WIPP Instructional DVD and Manual are available for $45. Sportsmetrics™ WIPP is also available on DVD with Vols. 1&2 Techniques and Training for $90.

The Micheli Center - The Micheli Center conducts world-class medical and scientific research focused on the prevention of sports injuries and the effects of exercise on health and wellness.  ​​​

Visit  the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness​ page.

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