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Genetics in Primary Care Institute

3 year cooperative agreement between the Health Resources & Services Administration Maternal & Child Health Bureau and the AAP— established in June 2011

The mission of the Genetics in Primary Care Institute (GPCI) is to increase primary care provider (PCP) knowledge and skills in providing genetic-based services. The Institute is grounded in the following values:

  • Comprehension of basic genetic principles
  • Collection and utilization of family history information
  • Engaging patients/families as active partners in care
  • Development of partnerships with genetic experts within a community
  • Enhancing education regarding new and emerging technologies and tests
  • Thoughtful consideration of ethical implications regarding genetics-related issues
  • Integration of genetic medicine into health information technology
Key Goals of the GPCI

  1. Identify best practices for integrating genetic medicine into primary care
    A partnership with the AAP Quality Improvement Innovation Networks is underway to develop and test tools and strategies to be used in pediatric primary care clinics. The goals of the project are to enhance PCP knowledge, practice, and attitudes regarding the provision of genetic-related services, particularly family health history and managing care of children with genetic conditions. The 13 practices involved in the project have been paired with a regional genetic professional who provides mentorship and supports their achievement of project goals.
2.     Provide education and technical assistance
3.    Embed the practice of genetic medicine into the future PCP   workforce
An assessment is currently underway to examine the current and future needs of pediatric residency training programs in regards to genetic education for their residents. A case-based toolkit of resources to enhance teaching related to these concepts will be developed and released in spring 2014.

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