Communicating with Familes

 Communicating with Families

The AAP recommends that pediatric care providers integrate patient- and family-centered care in their practices, which includes asking about and reinforcing family strengths. Bright Futures offers tips for implementing a system for eliciting parental strengths and needs.

Featured Resources

Patient Handout - Printable handout for families developed by the AAP's STAR Center that healthcare professionals can distribute with screening forms. These handouts can be used as a cover sheet to explain the importance of a caregiver completing screening forms. Available in English and Spanish.

Office Poster - Printable poster developed by the AAP's STAR Center that practices can display to encourage families to complete screening forms. The poster can be used to help reinforce a caregiver completing the screening forms. Posters can be displayed in the waiting area or clinic rooms. Available in English and Spanish

Video - This companion video developed by the STAR Center reinforces to caregivers the importance of screening and completing screening forms. The video is formatted to be played in waiting areas and/or social media channels.

Screening Time Simulations - Interactive simulations developed by the AAP's STAR Center that enable you to practice having effective, family-centered conversations that address screening results and plan for referral and follow-up.