Early Childhood Screening

Early childhood screening is an essential component of health supervision and provides a foundation for monitoring and supporting healthy physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. The Screening in Practices Initiative offers information and resources, including screening recommendations, practice tools, and individualized assistance, to help pediatric health care providers implement effective screening, referral, and follow-up for developmental milestones, maternal depression, and social determinants of health. For resources related to vision, hearing, and other early childhood screenings, visit our Related AAP Initiatives page.

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Listen in to hear about the ins and outs of early childhood screening, discussion, referral, and follow-up for developmental/behavioral concerns, maternal depression, and social determinants of health. During this 3-part series, we’ll talk about the importance of family-centered care and how having an effective screening process supports healthy child development. Our experts will also share implementation tips from their own clinical work so that you'll feel more confident in having conversations with families and creating a workflow that fits the needs of your practice.

  • Episode 1: Early Childhood Screening and Surveillance: Click here​ to view the recording
  • Episode 2: Family-Centered Care and Conversation Techniques: Click here to view the recording
  • Episode 3: Referral, Follow-up, and Partnership BuildingClick here to view the recording​​​

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