Stages of Adolescent Development

​ Stages of Adolescent Development

​Adolescence is divided into 3 age groups – early (ages 11-14), middle (ages 15-17), and late (ages 18-21) and the AAP offers guidance on how to address reproductive and sexual health during each phase of development. Below are resources for providers and parents that are useful in providing this care.

AAP Clinical Guidance for Primary Care Providers

Bright Futures: The AAP guidelines on anticipatory guidance for the adolescent years, including what should be discussed during each visit and how to provide reproductive and sexual health care.

Other Helpful Resources for Providers, Adolescents/Young Adults, and Families

Healthy Children: The AAP’s public-facing Web site offers information on the developmental stages of adolescents and guidance on how to talk to teens about reproductive and sexual health.

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