• Caring for Adolescent Patients

    Caring for Adolescent Patients

    ​Adolescence is a developmental period when many changes occur that have an impact on the​​​ physical and emotional health and well-being of these young people. It is important for health care providers to feel​​ comfortable caring for this population, especially when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health care.​

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

    Sexually Transmitted Infections

    ​The CDC estimate​​​s that youth ages 15-24 make up just over a quarter of the sexually active p​opulation, but account for half of the 20 million new STIs that occur in the United States each year.​

Welco​​me to the AAP home for adolescent sexual and reproductive health. The information and resources found on this site highlight key areas that primary care providers should know about when it comes to providing comprehensive care to their adolescent and young adult patients.

In addition to providing practical clinical guidance for health care providers on the delivery of sexual and reproductive health care in the primary care setting, there are also resources that can be shared with families.  ​

The materials contained on this site are from the AAP, the CDC, and other key health care organizations that address the health care needs of this unique population. ​​