CHPHC 2017 Webinar Series

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CHPHC 2017 Webinar Series


The overarching goal for the Program to Enhance the Health and Development of children is to enhance collaboration and synergy between pediatric primary- and specialty- care, research and families to foster the increased utilization of public health and other strategies that promote optimal long-term health outcomes for children and families living with a birth defect. ​

Webinar 1: Hidden Figures - The Value of Outcome Data Transparency

For many consumers of healthcare services, data transparency can serve as an essential aspect of successful patient engagement and shared decision making. With data transparency, patients and families, as well as the providers, are empowered with information and knowledge to make a well-informed decision on their healthcare options. Families in need of medical services can benefit greatly from open and honest communication on hospital outcome data. For the provider, having this information also allows the provider to evaluate performance more completely and to work to improve any deficiencies.

Recorded Webinar: Hidden Figures: The Value of Outcome Data Transparency

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