CHPHC Webinar Series

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CHPHC Webinar Series



The Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium (CHPHC) Webinar Series is based on the CHPHC strategic plan to improve the Consortium's focus and direction, to ensure the CHPHC's financial and ideological sustainability, and demonstrate the CHPHC's relevance and value to member organizations. It serves to empower members to communicate on behalf of the CHPHC, share progress to date, and implications for the future. Each Webinar is approximately one-hour in length, including the question and answer period, and is facilitated by a member of the executive committee of the steering committee and a program committee subgroup chairperson.

Webinar 1: CHPHC Overview an​​d Public Health Priorities

The first Webinar in the series provides an overview of the mission for the consortium as well as outline the plan for assuring that progress is made towards achieving a unified voice for congenital heart defects. Dr Geoff Rosenthal, CHPHC Chairperson, and Jodi Lemacks, Communications Committee Chairperson, lead an engaging presentation covering the formation of the CHPHC, its ouputs and educational products, its place and influence in the public health sphere, and future directions for impacting awareness of and improvements in the field of CHD care.
Recorded Webinar: CHPHC Overview and Public Health Priorities

Webinar 2: Datab​​ases for Congenital Heart Defect, Public Health Science, Overview and Applications

This Webinar provides an overview of the Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium (CHPCH) focus area on databases. Drs Tiffany Colarusso, Dataset Workgroup Chairperson, and Kathy Jenkins, CHPHC Chairperson-Elect, present the key aspects of databases for public health, detail the different categories of databases, and discuss gaps and opportunities for using databases to improve public health science.
Recorded Webinar: Databases for Congenital Heart Defect, Public Health Science, Overview and Applications

Webinar 3: Lifelong Care for​​ Congenital Heart Defects: The Continuing Journey Into and Through Adulthood

The third Webinar in the series, Lifelong Care for CHD: The Continuing Journey Into and Through Adulthood, covers lifelong care for people with a congenital heart defect. Drs Michelle Gurvitz and Susan Fernandes examine why lifelong care is an important healthcare issue, how large the issue has become, and how all members of the medical team can work to improve care throughout the lifespan. Using recent statistics, Drs Gurvitz and Fernandes show that an alarming number of patients are lost-to-follow-up for CHD care and present practical ways to address these gaps in care continuity. Dr Gurvitz closes the presentation with an update on the work of the CHPHC Lifelong Care Workgroup of the Program Committee.
Recorded Webinar: Lifelong Care for CHD The Continuing JourneyInto and Through Adulthood

Webinar 4: Public Health Framew​ork for Congenital Heart Defects

The Public Health Framework Webinar introduces a framework for addressing the public health systems that monitor CHDs throughout the lifespan. Drs Kathy Jenkins and Peggy Honein provide an overview of Public Health in the United States and specifically address the Framework for CHDs and the components related to assessment, policy development and assurance. Discussion includes the issues of prevention, quality care, disparities, and assurances that are in place or need to be developed further to reduce risk and improve outcomes for children and adults living with a CHD.
Recorded Webinar: Public Health Framework for Congenital Heart Defects

Webinar 5: Neurodevelopmental and Psychosocial Issues in Children with Congenital Heart Defects: Expected Not Accepted

Children with Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs) are living longer, have increased risk of neurodevelopmental and psychosocial issues, and are more likely to receive special education services. Early deficit identification through screening can help children achieve optimal outcomes. Faculty on this November 2015 webinar summarized current evidence related to children with CHDs and developmental issues, reviewed guidelines for periodic screening and evaluation, and presented strategies to enhance outcomes.

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