Title Spreading Medical Home to Underserved Populations
AAP Grant ID 1995
Project Year 2012
City & State Waterbury, CT
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Medical Home
Program Description
Uncertainty around financing has presented the most significant barrier to the expansion of Connecticut’s medical home model. Medicaid restructuring in Connecticut will take effect January 1, 2012 and plans to use as its design the concept of Patient-Centered Medical Home. The significance in message development at this time is clear. Consumer education regarding the medical home model has been limited, and misconceptions exist regarding standards, definitions and expectations. This proposal will engage underserved individuals and practices in the Northwest Region of Connecticut, 42 towns with both rural and urban areas. Currently 3600 children with special health care needs have been identified in the region; approximately 25% of the expected occurrence. Given the diverse populations found within the targeted communities, significant challenges to develop a consistent and effective message exist. Focus groups will be organized with all the stakeholders. Two types of information will be elicited. First, the focus groups will assess provider and consumer knowledge and understanding of the Medical Home concept. Secondly, optimum marketing strategies will be explored. With the assistance of organizations such as the AAP and community organizations groups will be facilitated in 3 rural (pop. below 10,000) and 3 urban (pop. above 25,000) areas where the recruitment rate is below 25%, respectively.
1. Assess the Medical Home needs (care coordination, access, etc.) of underserved populations in rural and urban areas of NW Connecticut including youth with special health care needs, parents of children and youth with special health care needs and primary care providers in Pediatrics and Family Medicine.
2. Assess provider knowledge and understanding of Medical Home and the barriers to implementing this system of care.
3. Develop a strategy to spread medical home philosophy to underserved stakeholders and medical providers in NW Connecticut.
AAP District District I
Institutional Name Family and Children's Health Center, 95 Scovill St
Contact 1 Sandra Carbonari
Contact 2
ID 119