Title Strengthening Medical Homes for Foster Children
AAP Grant ID 1999
Project Year 2012
City & State Chicago, IL
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic CSHCN/Disabilities
Program Description
Our project will strengthen Medical Home services for medically complex foster children in Chicago. The planning portion of the project will explore the barriers to maintaining quality, coordinated, multidisciplinary, family-centered continuity of care for foster children with special needs, and study the effect placement changes/return home have on this continuity of care. We will conduct focus groups, key informant interviews, and a written survey of various important providers and caregivers to Chicago area foster children to gather information on these barriers and their potential solutions. We will involve: 1)DCFS and Healthworks leaders, 2)DCFS case workers, 3)DCFS case nurses, 4)Special needs foster parents, 5)Primary care pediatricians, and 6)Specialty pediatricians who care for medically complex foster children. The information gathered from the focus groups, key informant interviews and surveys will guide the implementation phase of this project. The goal of the implementation phase will be to identify primary care pediatricians at Chicago area children's hospitals to serve as foster care liaisons for their institutions. This network of providers will serve to improve communication and coordination of care between DCFS, birth/foster families, general pediatricians, and subspecialty providers. The information gathered from the planning portion of the project will guide the development of this provider network, focusing our efforts on the areas of greatest need in establishing and maintaining this quality medical home. The pediatrician liaisons will also serve as teachers to other physicians, residents and students regarding care of foster children.
1. Identify barriers to obtaining and maintaining a stable, high quality medical home for medically complex foster children in Chicago.
2. Develop interventions that can be implemented in our community to overcome these identified barriers to providing a medical home to medically complex foster children in Chicago.
AAP District District VI
Institutional Name Rush Pediatric Primary Care Center, 1645 W. Jackson, Suite 200
Contact 1 Margaret Scotellaro
Contact 2 Erin Malone
ID 123