Title Improving Medical Homes for Chinle Children
AAP Grant ID 2004
Project Year 2012
City & State Chinle, AZ
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Medical Home
Program Description
Chinle Pediatric Outpatient Clinic has an active improvement team including nursing staff and providers who are working to improve care by establishing medical homes for Native American children living on the Navajo Reservation. At this point in their work, they are ready to focus on planning how to improve the key medical home elements of providing family centered care and planned proactive care, particularly for children with special health care needs. This planning grant will allow them to assess and include family needs and perspectives in how care is delivered and to partner with community resources to design the ways to offer planned proactive care to patients in their community.
1. Assess current areas of strength in providing family centered care and identify through engaging parents in improvement work areas for growth, ideas for future improvement efforts and how to track progress in building a family centered pediatric medical home for Chinle communities
2. Improve access to a medical home that provides planned proactive comprehensive care for the children in Chinle communities based on information collected during needs assessments conducted with family members in both a focus group setting and individual need assessment setting for parents of children with special health care needs
3. Establish consistent family member participation on Pediatric Improvement Team
AAP District District VIII
Institutional Name Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility, Highway 191 and Hospital Drive, Chinle, AZ 86503
Contact 1 Jill Moses
Contact 2 Jennifer Montoya jenni
ID 125