Title Growing Up: Transition to Adult Health Care
AAP Grant ID 1870
Project Year 2011
City & State Columbus, OH
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic CSHCN/Disabilities
Program Description
Youth with developmental disabilities and their families often struggle with the transition to adult healthcare. Difficulties finding adult providers who are comfortable and knowledgeable about various disabilities, trouble attaining insurance coverage, and lack of readiness for this transition are some of the issues that have been reported. This project will assess the medical home and transition needs of youth with developmental disabilities, their families as well as pediatric and adult providers in Columbus, Ohio.

We will form a community coalition comprised of youth and families, disability support groups, Ohio's title V program, local disability agencies and adult and pediatric providers, including interested residents and fellows to develop an action plan for coordinated transition to an adult medical home throughout the greater Columbus area. Ways to increase access to SCHIP and other funding avenues will be sought as well.

1. Identify barriers to provision of effective care for adults with disabilities from the perspective of adult health care providers and current transition practices and issues as perceived by pediatricians. (strategies used: focus groups, survey, informal meetings)
2. Identify unmet needs/barriers to adult care from individual and family perspective. (strategies used: focus groups, survey and informal meetings)
3. Convene a community coalition to develop an action plan to address barriers and create a transition road map/ideal or model program. (strategies used: data analysis from focus groups, survey and meetings)
AAP District District V
Institutional Name The Ohio State University Nisonger Center- McCampbell Hall, 1581 Dodd Dr, Columbus, OH 43210
Contact 1 Karen Ratliff-Schaub
Contact 2 Amy Hess
ID 21