Title Ramsey County Foster Care Health
AAP Grant ID 1879
Project Year 2011
City & State St. Paul, MN
Program Name CATCH Planning
Topic Foster Care
Program Description
This project will develop a coalition of professionals serving children in foster care in Ramsey County, to include pediatrics, social services, special education and early intervention, mental health, judicial services, and parents or foster care graduates. This interdisciplinary, interagency group will create a plan for a health care home for children in foster care, building on previous collaborative work and the state of Minnesota's innovative efforts to develop and certify health care home models throughout the state.

The coalition will meet regularly to discuss barriers to care and care coordination for abused and neglected children, and will develop procedures for inter-agency collaboration. The goals will be the development of a health care home for children in foster care and the completion of a community needs assessment.

During the first half of 2010, Ramsey County had 337 children (0-10 years old) in out-of-home care. Foster children are served by existing mental health, medical, educational, social and judicial services, but these services are not coordinated. An absence of coordination and collaboration among agencies leads to redundancy in some services and deficiency in others. This project will improve the overall system and develop an effective health care home model for at-risk children.

1. Create interdisciplinary, interagency task force for foster care health in Ramsey County to develop procedures for collaboration on child health.
2. Create a written plan for a health care home (medical home) for children in foster care in Ramsey County.
3. Determine the cost of the proposed health care home, reimbursement available through medicaid, and funding needed to put plan in place.
AAP District District VI
Institutional Name East Side Family Clinic (a site of West Side Community Health Services) 860 Arcade St., St Paul, MN
Contact 1 Amelia Burgess
Contact 2
ID 30