Title Strengthening Medical Homes for Homeless Families
AAP Grant ID 1884
Project Year 2011
City & State Burlington, VT
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Homeless Care
Program Description
The frequency of visits to the emergency room by homeless families is higher compared to families with permanent shelter. Often visits are for non-emergent issues. If families can learn how to best utilize and access their primary care pediatrician, there may be a substantial decrease in the number of unnecessary emergency room visits. Education on health topics specific to homeless children, such as injury, asthma, and infections, and how families can best partner with primary care pediatricians may be the key to reducing the number of emergency room visits by homeless families and improve access to medical homes for homeless children. The Committee on Temporary Shelter in Burlington, VT (COTS) is a shelter for children and families in transition. There currently is not any formal education for both families and staff on homeless child health, and how to best make use of community pediatricians. The goal of this project is to gain a more detailed understanding of why families are utilizing the emergency room and to develop an educational series around preventing those visits. The hope is to improve stability of medical homes for families without permanent homes via education, and to then establish a permanent health library/resources binder shelter for future families and staff.
1. Understand use of the Emergency Department by homeless families in Burlington, Vermont, including why families visit the ED, and how frequently, and what barriers exist in accessing primary care.
2. Work with homeless families to strengthen relationships with their primary care providers in an effort to improve child health.
3. Educate homeless families and staff who work with homeless families on the unique health problems related to homeless health.
AAP District District I
Institutional Name Committee on Temporary Shelter, PO Box 1616, Burlington, VT 05402-1616
Contact 1 Grace Chi
Contact 2
ID 35