Title Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK)
AAP Grant ID 1906
Project Year 2011
City & State Charlottesville , VA
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Family Centered Care
Program Description
Stress and abuse are difficult topics to confront and discuss. The subject matter is often complex, at times with no foreseeable solution, and tackling these issues can place the medical provider in a conflicted position. However, if the provider chooses to avoid these topics, the end result can be catastrophic. The primary goal of this project is to create a safe and comfortable medical home to discuses and coordinate services that can aid in preventing abuse and its primary causes. Our project will utilize the Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK) questionnaire, a Bright Futures material, which provides an evidence based tool to ask sensitive questions about abuse and neglect. We will narrow the SEEK questionnaire to create our own version which asks questions that are most meaningful to our population. We will choose questions for which we can provide support and resources by partnering with existing community services. Once we have established this set of questions, we will design a curriculum to educate participating members on the chosen topics and the resources that are available for our patients. The aim is to increase awareness, improve referrals, and support and maintain patients with tenuous social situations in a stable medical home. We hope to increase community resource access as well as prevent injury, abuse, and neglect.
1. Create a focused tool based on Bright Futures recommendations to screen, prevent, and provide resources for at risk families. 2. To better understand, coordinate, and utilize existing resources within the Charlottesville community and connect those resources to the medical home. 3. Make the clinic a comfortable space both for patients and their families as well as clinic staff to discuss difficult social, safety, and mental health issues.
AAP District District IV
Institutional Name University of Virginia, Department of Pediatrics, P.O. Box 800386, Charlottesville, VA
Contact 1 Anne Robertson
Contact 2 Almea Matanock
ID 57