Title Love your baby, wrap your newborn!
AAP Grant ID 1912
Project Year 2011
City & State Dallas, TX
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Parenting/Parent Education
Program Description
1) To promote mother-infant bonding, increase maternal satisfaction, and improve ease of daily tasks through the use of baby wraps.
2) To educate residents about the safe use and benefits of baby wraps, and encourage promoting them at newborn visits to strengthen physician-patient relationship.
3) To promote baby-wearing and use of wraps in the community.
4) To partner with local groups to help provide fabric and labor for making the wraps on a consistent basis, providing a more sustainable source of wraps.

1) Provide wraps to mothers at Parkland Hospital and those whose newborn visit is a shared medical appointment at Southeast Dallas clinic.
2) Create a curriculum on the use of wraps, benefits, and importance of bonding for interns during newborn nursery rotation
3) Make brochures and hold an educational session for community members that will educate about wraps
4) Contact local community groups to ask for their help in providing the fabric and labor for wrap production.

Evaluation: Survey mothers provided with wraps, residents, and community members who attend the educational session with questionnaires. Determine the number of wraps provided, the number of residents and community members educated, and how many community groups are making wraps.

1. To promote bonding between new mothers and their infants, increase ease of breastfeeding, ameliorate challenges of daily tasks with an infant, and improve maternal satisfaction through provision of baby wraps.
2. To increase awareness about baby-wearing and bonding by educating residents and community members on the safe use of baby wraps and their benefits.
3. Partner with local community groups to help provide sustainable sources of fabric and labor to make the wraps.
AAP District District VII
Institutional Name Children's Medical Center, Dallas, University of Texas Southwestern, 1935 Medical District drive, Da
Contact 1 Gowri Srinivas
Contact 2
ID 63