Title Mental Health in Medical Foster Care
AAP Grant ID 1916
Project Year 2011
City & State Tampa, FL
Program Name CATCH Implementation
Topic Behavioral Health
Program Description
Medical Foster Care (MFC) is an out-of-home family-based care system for children with complicated medical conditions. Children in medical foster care face disproportionate levels of medical and mental health risks. In fact, Jee et al. (2010) in their recent review of mental health problems in medical foster care populations found rates of over 70% for children in these programs. Given the increased risk for behavioral and mental health issues in children in MFC, the purpose of the proposed project is to offer a time-sensitive assessment of the behavioral health needs of these children via development of a screening procedure involving scales to be completed by their foster parents. This project will refine the child's entry into the mental health system via a trained social worker or nurse who could contact appropriate referral locations. Additionally, a coalition of professionals will be developed who will help care for these children then later this coalition may assist other children with Medicaid. Finally, a resource directory mapping community services related to mental health will be developed for use by families, providers and allied health providers.
1. Assessment of the behavioral and mental health needs of children in Medical Foster Care.
2. Facilitation of referrals for behavioral and mental health services to community-based providers.
3. Creation of a resource guide of community-based mental health service providers
AAP District District X
Institutional Name University of South Florida Department of Pediatrics, 2 Tampa General Circle, 5th Floor, Tampa FL 3
Contact 1 Julia Ogg, PhD
Contact 2 Jennifer Takagishi
ID 67