Title Obesity Education in an Underserved Community
AAP Grant ID 1919
Project Year 2011
City & State Los Angeles, CA
Program Name CATCH Resident
Topic Overweight & Obesity (LHI)
Program Description
As rates of childhood obesity rise, so do obesity-related health complications among children and adolescents. In underserved communities where there is a disproportionate number of obese individuals, decreased access to health care, and increased barriers to healthy behaviors, it is extremely important to understand the factors contributing to rates of obesity and ways to prevent it. This project aims to identify these barriers and determine if education can have an impact on behavior changes that prevent obesity. Surveys will be used to obtain baseline data on our population and then determine if there are positive obesity preventing outcomes after a ten-week course focusing on obesity prevention. The course will be run by the pediatrician applicants, medical students from USC Keck School of Medicine, and trained community or parent leaders. It consists of teaching a pre-existing, free curriculum developed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, called BodyWorks. More importantly, the curriculum can easily be taught and passed on to subsequent leaders and parents in the community. If proven effective, it has the potential to become sustainable and spread its positive effects beyond our project.
1. To assess the level of knowledge about healthy eating habits and obesity prevention in underserved communities in order to demonstrate a need for health education
2. Implement a 10-session obesity education curriculum, entitled BodyWorks, at the Dolores Mission Women's Cooperative and IMPACTO after-school program targeting children and adolescents aged 18 and under
3. To prove that the above mentioned obesity prevention curriculum will help families in an underserved community make healthy lifestyle changes that prevent obesity
AAP District District IX
Institutional Name Dolores Mission Women's Cooperative - Centro de Alegria; 420 North Soto Street, Los Angeles, CA
Contact 1 Patricia Castillo, MD
Contact 2 Maureen Villasenor, MD
ID 70