Title Care Coordination in Pediatric Primary Setting
AAP Grant ID 1927
Project Year 2011
City & State Nashville, TN
Program Name CATCH Implementation
Topic Care Coordination/Case Management
Program Description
The aim of this project is to develop care coordination to maximize interface between mental and medical services, health plan providers, strengthen social service resource network, and establish transition to adulthood program for children/families with chronic disease.
1. Ensure efficient utilization of mental health and social work resources and transition of more stable patients from psychiatry back to PCP management. Network with available service providers in the community to ensure knowledge of our services and appropriate utilization of theirs.
2. Develop and formalize transition to adulthood program within the medical home.
3. Work with a Medicaid health plan to reduce redundant service provision between health plan and PCP office and ensure a fluid interface between the physician office and health plan case managers.
AAP District District IV
Institutional Name Mercy Children's Clinic
Contact 1 Deanna Bell, MD
Contact 2
ID 78