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Welcome to the Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children's Program commonly asked questions and answers section. We hope you find them useful and informative. For more information or if you have additional questions, contact AAP Healthy Tomorrows Staff.



    Do I need to register with

    For new applications, grantees need to be register with This is a requirement for new application submissions. To register, visit Grantees will no longer have to submit information about their non-competing continuation applications in The application will be submitted entirely in the Electronic Handbooks. For assistance with registration, contact the help desk or by phone at (800) 518-4726.

    Am I required to submit a Post-Award Performance Report?

    Yes, all current and new grantees are required to submit the post-award performance report.

    When are Post-Award Performance Reports due?

    Post-Award Performance Reports are due 120 days after the close of the grant year, which is usually the end of February. The final-year Performance Report is due 90 days after the official end of the project period for the Healthy Tomorrows grant.

    What are Post-Award Performance Reports?

    The post-award performance reports are "final" data counts on data collection sheets for the recently completed project year. Financial, administrative and performance measure data will no longer be submitted with the non-competing continuation application. All “final” data will be submitted in post-award performance reports.

    Do I need to be a registered user in HRSA's EHBs?

    Yes, this is required to complete the post-award performance reports.

    What do I need to do to complete my Post-Award Performance Report?

    As a reminder, continuing grantees will no longer submit financial, administrative or performance measure data with the non-competing continuation application. All data should be submitted in the Post-Award Performance Report. Grantees must complete the following steps:

    1. Register in HRSA's EHBs if you have not already done so and add your grant to your portfolio. To register, visit the HRSA EHB Web site

    2. If you submitted your new grant electronically, review the data you provided on the financial forms and make any changes based on the notice of grant award and other changes as approved by your Federal MCHB Project Officer. 

    If you submitted a new grant via paper submission (HRSA only accepts papers submissions if waiver requests are approved by the Division of Grants Policy), complete the financial forms providing the budgets for all years of the grant based on the notice of grant award and other changes as approved by your Federal MCHB Project Officer.

    3. If you submitted your new grant electronically, review the information provided in the abstract (Form 6 or 8) and the project summary data form (Form 7) and make any changes that were approved by your Federal MCHB Project Officer. 

    If you submitted a new grant via paper submission, complete the abstract (Form 6 or 8) and grant summary information forms (Form 7).

    4. For the performance measures sections (Cultural Competency & Family Involvement), provide objectives for all grant years as approved by your Federal MCHB Project Officer and submit data for the current year as "final".

    5. By completing Steps 1-4, you have submitted your post-award performance report.

    Is there a field where I can enter the performance measure objectives for the remaining years of the grant?

    Yes. Once in HRSA Electronic Submission Handbook, HRSA EHB will prompt you to enter your performance measure objectives.

    Who do I contact for technical assistance on how to report in the HRSA's EHBs?

    Please email HRSA Call Center or call (877) GO4-HRSA or (877) 464-4772.

    When is the Financial Status Report (FSR) due to the Grants Management?

    The Financial Status Report is due to HRSA no later than 90 days after the completion of the budget period. The budget period for HTPCP grants is March 1 - Feb 28.

    When should I submit a carryover request to HRSA?

    Requests to carryover unobligated balances should be submitted electronically as Prior Approval requests in EHB with the Federal Financial Report (FFR) within 90 days after the completion of the budget period. The Federal Financial Report form SF 425 consolidates two previously used forms, the Payment Management System Quarterly Report form, PSC 272, and the Financial Status Report, SF 269. If there is no carryover request at the time of FFR submission, you have 30 days to submit the request electronically in EHB. This request still must be submitted within 90 days after the completion of the budget period. You may request a carryover if you have unspent funds from the previous funding period that you wish to spend in the current funding period. Carryover requests may only be submitted from the previous year's budget funds to spend in the current budget year. 

    If you have additional questions, please contact your Grants Management Specialist. The name and contact information for your Grants Management Specialist is listed on Page 2 of your Notice of Grant Award.

    What do I do if I need to request a change in Project Director, a change in goals and objectives, a carryover, etc.?

    Submit a prior approval request in EHB. The prior approval request is a request initiated by the grantee to change grant related information. In the past these requests were submitted on paper or via email. Prior approval requests include project director change, carryover of unobligated balances, extension of project period with or without funds, re-budgeting administrative supplements, and other changes such as grantee names or deviation from terms. 

    The project director or other user with administrator or grant users privileges in the grant handbook will manage user privileges for prior approval requests. Grantee users with privileges to edit or submit prior approval requests in the grant handbook will log into the EHBs and begin the request. The grantee will complete required forms in the fields and the Web based form then upload completed required documents as attachments in the EHB. 

    Once all required fields have been completed and validated and all documents have been uploaded into the EHBs the grantee will submit the request to HRSA. HRSA program and grants office personnel will review the request and either approve, disapprove or request more information. Grantee users will receive an electronic notification of HRSA's decision. If the request is returned for changes make the appropriate changes and resubmit the request through the EHB. Once the request is approved HRSA will complete the process and deliver any related documentation such as a revised Notice of Grant award or NGA.

    When do I submit the various reports (i.e. progress reports, financial status report, final report) for the HTPCP grant?

    Click here for the HTPCP Grant Life Cycle.

    How do I find out my HTPCP MCHB Project Officer and Grants Manager?

    Click here to find out your HTPCP grant MCHB Project Officer and Grants Manager.

    Who do I contact if I need additional technical assistance or require more information?
    Question about:Who do I Contact?
    Changes to project goals & objectivesMCHB Project Officer
    Changes in Project DirectorMCHB Project Officer
    Changes in Contact InformationMCHB Project Officer
    AAP Staff
    Budget RevisionsHRSA Grants Manager
    MCHB Project Officer
    Request for Carryover RequestsHRSA Grants Manager
    MCHB Project Officer
    Grants.govHRSA Help Desk   
    (800) 518-4276
    Electronic Handbook (EHB)HRSA Call Center 
    (877) 464-4772
    Competitive GuidanceMCHB Project Officer
    AAP Staff
    Non-Competing Continuation GuidanceMCHB Project Director
    AAP Staff
    TA VisitsAAP Staff

    Click here for MCHB and AAP contact information.

    If I have additional questions not addressed in the FAQ section, what should I do?


    Do I need to register with

    Yes. If you plan to apply for a HTPCP grant or another federal grant in the future, please register now. This is a requirement for submission. To register, visit For assistance with registration, contact the help desk or by phone at (800) 518-4276.

    How can I obtain an application packet and program guidance?

    An application packet and the program guidance can only be obtained during an open grant cycle through

    How can I get a sample grant application?

    The only ways to obtain sample applications are to contact a grantee to send their application narrative to you or to contact the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) office at (301) 443-2865 and request a sample.

    If you are a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you can find a grantee by searching the Grants Database. You will need your AAP ID and password to log in and will be redirected to the Grants Database. Using "Advance Submit", select "Healthy Tomorrows" under "Programs" and search for grants by location and health topic. Search results will provide you with grantee contact information.

    If you are not a member of the AAP you can search the public Grants Database and contact Healthy Tomorrows staff for grantee contact information.

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