Healthy Futures

As part of the Healthy Futures: Improving Health Outcomes for Young Children project, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed a medication administration curriculum and a curriculum for managing infectious diseases designed for early education and child care professionals. The curricula are available below as both individual online learning modules or as in-person trainings lead by health professsionals. 

​Online Learning Modules

Healthy Futures Curricula PediaLink online learning modules are designed to allow participants to learn independently in a web-based format.

​In-Person Training​ Modules

Healthy Futures in-person training modules are designed to be facilitated by a “trainer” to a group of child care providers.  Resources to facilitate in-person trainings are below. These curricula are divided into modules and include PowerPoint presentations, video clips, activities, forms, and pre- and post-tests. ​


​Support for the Healthy Futures project has been provided through funding from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc..