Free Online Learning Modules

​Free Online Learning Modules

The free online learning modules available on PediaLink are designed for learners to gain knowledge of the topics listed below in a web-based format. 

The list of online courses below includes direct links to register for the courses (click on the respective title to go to the registration page for that course). If step-by-step instructions are needed on how to register and/or create an account on PediaLink, you can click here for instructions. The example used is for the Safety and Injury module, but the instructions apply to the other courses as well.  

The purpose of this e-learning course is to educate early educators and health professionals about managing infectious diseases in group care settings for children and motivate them to adopt the recommended practices of the AAP. This course can be taken by healthcare professionals, public health educators, child care health consultants, child care providers, parents and guardians.

The main goal of this course is to provide knowledge and skills to child care providers regarding administering medications. Medication is usually given at home by parents/guardians. When a child attends a child care facility, the medication can be administered by child care providers to maintain the health of the child, prevent illness, or relieve symptoms. Doing this allows a child who is not acutely ill to attend a child care program outside of home. To administer medication, child care providers have to comply with laws, regulations, and best practices.

This course provides information on pediatric safety and injury prevention to staff and others who work in early education and child care programs. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to recognize how early education professionals can play an active role in preventing injuries.

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