Peds 21 Trauma


​Peds 21 Trauma


The following recordings from the 2015 Peds 21 explain how pediatricians can identify and address toxic stress in the lives of their patients and families and access resources to promote resilience, providing children and adolescents an opportunity to live a health life.​​​​​

Keynote Address: An Unhealthy Dose of Stress
Nadine Burke Harris, MD, MPH, FAAP​


Early Childhood Education & Pediatrics: Collaborating to Address Toxic Stress
M. Denise Dowd, MD, MPH, FAAP

Common Behavioral Presentations of Trauma in Pediatric Practice
Heather Forkey, MD, FAAP


Identifying Toxic Stress in Your Pediatric Practice
Robert Gillespie, MD, MPHE, FAAP


Toxic Stress: Practical Approaches to Supporting Children and Families
Lawrence Wissow, MD, MPH, FAAP


Community Resources Connection Panel: Models of Providing Care
Drs Nadie Burke Harris, Robert Gillespie, Lawrence Wissow
Question & Answer


Building Health, Resilient Children
Robert Block, MD, FAAP