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Program/Project Name MATCH (Making All The Children Healthy)
Affiliation Name HealthCare Access Maryland
Website URL
Model Type Other
City Baltimore
State MD
State specific location Foster Care Agency: Baltimore City Department of Social Services
How is program/project funded? State Funding
Describe how it's funded

Maryland State Department of Human Resources, Baltimore City Department of Social Services

What services does it provide Entry to care health assessment, Comprehensive health assessment, Subspecialty referrals, Ongoing primary care/medical home, Health Case Reviews, Behavioral health and physical health consultations
Where does it provide services County-based
Description of program/project

The MATCH (Making All The Children Healthy) program provides health care coordination for all children in foster care with Baltimore City Department of Social Services. MATCH also provides targeted medical/behavioral case management for those children identified as having intensive medical or behavioral health needs.

How are patients tracked? Specialized database for your program, Paper-based records, Planning on transitioning to eClinicalWorks
Provide special focus Use population specific teams to cover different types of cases
Program/Project strengths

MATCH health teams will determine if children’s health needs are being met by completing health case reviews at 3, 6, or 12 month intervals depending on the child’s level of health needs. The health case review will result in a health care plan/health passport that will be shared with workers and caregivers. The health care plan will identify if routine and chronic health needs are being met, if mental health treatment plans are appropriate, if there are outstanding health needs.


Program/Project challenges

Lack of shared database between MATCH program and case workers.

Contact Name Rachel Dodge, MD, MPH
Email Address
Phone Number 4434235960