Implementation Guide

​Implementation Guide

The Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) Implementation Guide is a tool for advancing sustainable national programs for newborn and maternal health.  For maximum impact, HBB should be integrated into existing newborn or maternal health training, but it can​ be implemented as a stand-alone program, depending on national priorities. ​

Specific sections of the guide will be of interest to different individuals. For example:

  • Policymakers and planners will find information for improving their existing training and services in Section II.

  • Program managers, master trainers, and facilitators will want to use Section III to help plan, implement, and monitor HBB programs.

  • Everyone will benefit from the suggestions in Sections IV and V.

For your convenien​ce, the HBB Implementation Guide is downloadable as an entire manual, OR as individual Sections or Tools.  Please utilize the information within however it ​​best suits your needs – and do feel free to share it with others who are implementing maternal and child health programs.

Download the Full Implementation Guide ​

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View Individual Sections

  1. Purpose, Audience and Objectives of the Implementation Guide 
  2. Developing A Sustainable HBB Program 
    1. Neonatal Resuscitation in the Context of Essential Services for Mother & Baby 
    2. Building Consensus and Planning for Sustainability 
    3. Conducting A Situation Analysis of Neonatal Resuscitation 
    4. Developing A Strategic Plan for Neonatal Resuscitation 
  3. Implementation of Training in Helping Babies Breathe 
    1. Strategic Planning 
    2. Training Implementation 
    3. Monitoring the Process and Quality of Training 
    4. Scale-Up and Sustainability of Training 
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
    1. Monitoring and Evaluation Considerations 
    2. The Process and Quality of Training 
    3. Monitoring and Evaluating the Rollout of A Program 
    4. Collecting Neonatal Outcome Measures and Vital Statistics 
  5. Scale-Up and Sustainability
    1. Strengthening the Health System 
    2. Extending Advocacy Into the Community 
    3. Dealing with Challenges and Unintended Consequenses 
  6. Conclusion and Endnotes ​​​​

Implementation Guide​​ Resources

Tool 1: Implementation Matrix