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HBS courses are taught all over the world​. We rely on HBS facilitators to share information about where and when they have taught HBS, as well as lessons learned. You will have the option to keep your personal information confidential if you wish, so please don't let that stand in the way of helping others.

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We kindly request that all facilitators use the 'record your course' link below to submit details for every course conducted – the form is brief and the information becomes part of a comprehensive global course archive that fellow trainers can access.  Having an accurate record of all courses conducted is critical to the success of HBS because:   

  • Recording the courses you lead and sharing lessons learned ensures that others can learn from your experiences as they plan their trainings in specific regions of the world.
  • Networking is key to the spread of HBS – it maximizes newborn survival efforts and helps link trainers with nearby individuals, facilities and partners already involved with HBS.   
  • Keeping up-to-date information on course locations and numbers taught helps to identify gaps and determine priority areas where future trainings may be needed.
  • Collecting course details allows us to evaluate HBS program impact at the local, country and global level, as well as measure progress towards contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals target of ending preventable deaths of newborns by 2030.​
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Visit the Country Contacts page to find email addresses of fellow trainers who are already implementing HBS activities around the world.  They can provide helpful information and answer any questions you may have.​

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